Dragonvale Paper Dragon Breeding Guide

Before I explain how to breed dragons paper, you can read my article about the dragonvale:
As we know that the dragon paper is limited, you can only do paper dragon breeding until 24 September 2012, are you going to waste this limited opportunity? I think you are not going to waste this opportunity. Therefore, I am writing this article, I do not want you to waste the opportunity to have a paper dragon. I have some combinations that you can use to make a paper dragon breeding.

However, as we know that it is limited, it may be a little difficult to do dragon breeding papers, I will always update this article until the 24th of September, and if you know the new combination to make a paper dragon breeding you can share with us all here to submit comments containing combination to make paper dragon breeding.

The Paper Dragon can be bred by using a combination of dragons whose elements include Fire, Plant, Earth, and Cold at the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.

Dragonvale Paper Dragon Breeding Guide
Dragonvale Paper Dragon Breeding Guide

Paper Dragon Breeding Guide Combination

  • Paper Dragon is bred by using the element: Plant, Fire,Cold, and Earth.
  • Flower Dragon + Mountain Dragon = Paper Dragon
  • Poison Dragon + Mountain Dragon = Paper Dragon
  • Lava Dragon + Poison Dragon = Paper Dragon
  • Evergreen Dragon + lava Dragon = Paper Dragon
  • Moss/Tree + Blue Fire/Frostfire
  • Sakura + Cold Element
!Dragonvale Paper Dragon Breeding Guide

Good luck guys, do not forget to send your comments if you are successful, and let me know if there is a combination the failure, and if you find a new combination, we hope you will share with us, do not forget to bookmark this article, happy to try and good luck to breeding dragon's paper.
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